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EldonCards for ABO- and RhD blood grouping based upon the principle of direct agglutination

Eldoncards are:

  • Portable, compact and easy to use
  • Blood grouping possible on location
  • Quick result – only 2,5 minute
  • Refrigeration, electricity and daily controls of reagents are not needed
  • Can be stored up to 24 month at max. 37C/110F
  • Registered and approved by European, American, Chinese, Indonesian, Indian and Canadian Health authorities

ELDONCARD - “Point-of-care anywhere”

Medical Market

Blood Bank

Donors / Db red cell The EldonCard is used in blood banks for testing – especially new donors but also to educate the new donors. It’s a perfect tool to show the donors what is happening while getting them to understand the great importance in become a “lifetime” donor.

To be used in campaigns for the recruitment of new donors – used as a present combined with education. Especially the ELDON ID CARD with space to place the donors own picture is used to generate new donors and as a present to keep them.

Used by US blood Centers

Blood Centers in US has increased the volume of Reed cell by more than 25% by using the. The blood banks can more likely get exactly the blood types the need.

How it works: When the Donors arrive at the blood center or the mobile unit they get tested with an EldonCard - If the donors blood type is specially required by a Blood Bank the donor will be send to “Double Reed Cell Fractionation”. That is Possible even in the mobile units they use. That precidure will double the amount of reed cells on-site. - In this case the EldonCard will:

  • Increase the amount of reed cells
  • Improve the economy
  • Create more flexibility - higher security for the generique cialis blood bank

Prior to transfusion or Bedside test

Many hospitals are using the EldonCard to perform the “bedside test” Using the EldonCard:

  • A secure and easy way to perform the bedside test
  • The results can be stored in the patients journal
  • Can be kept in the operation room “on site” – no need for refrigeration
  • Result after just 2,5 minutes

Military Use

Used by US Army, US Navy, French- Danish, Norwegian, Swedish and other armed forces all over the world due to the fact that the EldonCard can be used under all conditions, no need for refrigeration or electricity, stabile and accurate.

  • The “One Man Kit” designed for use in the field and to secure the individual soldier
  • Can be kept in a pocket – easy to carry easy use
  • The “Military Kit” designed for field hospitals
  • A total kit for use in a filed hospital all that’s needed is drops of drinking water
  • Easy to carry – no refrigeration – easy to store
  • Used on board naval ships, in field hospitals
  • Used in peace keeping missions, in disaster areas like earth quakes and tsunamis’
  • Has been tested by the US Navy in all conditions – call and we can send you the article from the Medical journal

Emergency & Rescue

The EldonCard and the ELDON EMERGENCY KIT is used by several aid organisations all over the world. By Army on peace keeping missions and on rescue missions locally and abroad. It is possible to store the KIT for 24 month with no refrigeration – it is easy to carry and transport in all areas of the word. The doctors and lab personnel find it easy to use in all conditions and all they need is a few drops af drinking water.

    • The box contains al that’s needed to perform the vital blood grouping on site

Oil rigs and cruise lines use them to secure the guests and the crew.

Rhesus test pregnant woman

Prevention of Erythroblastosis Foetalis by Injection of Anti-D to every D-negative Female, who has given Birth to a rhesus positive Newborn or who has had an Abortion. Eldon has developed a special card used in hospitals birth centres, birth clinics and at abortions

Educational Market

School Kits a perfect tool to educate in the Human blood system and the different blood types An educational tool that gives a great insight and a understanding for the reason why to become a blood donor. Used in schools and universities

Health Market

A practical Home Kit makes it possible to perform a home test. Before travelling – to get a travelling blood ID for own security Know your blood type for protection If you need to know your blood type in relation to your diet and health treatment