The Blood Type Test Kit from Eldon Biologicals

An EldonCard is the fastest, easiest and most convenient way to know your own and your family member’s blood types and rhesus factors.
The EldonCard can be used both professionally and as a home blood type test kit. No professional skills are required to perform the test – simply follow the instructions and within a few minutes, the blood type test kit will reveal your blood type.

Blood Type Test Kit for Professional & Home Use

All over the world, EldonCards are used professionally by blood banks, blood centers, hospitals etc. Schools, institutions and universities uses the EldonCards for educational purposes, and millions of people have used the blood type test kit at home.
Read more about the blood type test kit for professional use here »
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Reading the Results of the Blood Type Test Kit

The result of the blood type test is quick and easy to read. With the kit you’ll receive examples of agglutinates (“clumps”) and the blood type test kit reveals your blood type based on the agglutination of your blood on the four different fields.

Please read the step by step guide (USA & EU) on this page, or watch our video showing how to use the blood type test kit here (English and French).

Blood Type Test Kit Used for More than 40 years

EldonCards are distributed all over the world, and millions of the blood type test kits have been used to establish people’s blood types in the last 40+ years.
The EldonCards were invented by Danish psysician Knud Eldon. Read more about Eldon Biologicals here »

Questions Regarding the Blood Type Test Kit

If you are a private user with a questions regarding the blood type test kit, please send an e-mail to eldoncard (at) and we will answer as fast as possible (please notice that our support team is placed in European time zone). If possible, enclose a picture of your EldonCard.
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