EldonCards: Professional Use

EldonCard ® 2511 for ABO & RhD forward blood typing
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EldonCard ® 2521 for ABO & RhD forward blood typing

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EldonCard ® 2551 for BEDSIDE Testing

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EldonCard ® Rhesus blood typing

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EldonCards are used professionally all over the world. The Blood Type Test Kit is portable, compact and easy to use in even the most primitive surroundings which make blood type testing flexible in any given situation. EldonCards can be used beneficially in the following segments:
  • Medical Market hereunder Blood Banks, Blood Centers, hospitals, military use, emergency and rescue and rhesus tests for pregnant women
  • Educational Market hereunder schools, institutions and universities
  • Health Market hereunder home testing
Find more information about the different segments below.
Using Kits with EldonCards, blood can be grouped outside the blood bank e.g. at the bedside just prior to a transfusion, in the practitioner’s clinic, on remote locations as ships and oil rigs, on the battle field, in the class room, in the private home or in any emergency situation calling for a speedy and reliable test.

Further advantages by using the EldonCard professionally:
  • Exceptionally easy to use – erase all human error
  • Portable and compact
  • Blood grouping possible on location
  • Get the result within 2,5 minute
  • No need for refrigeration, electricity or daily controls of reagents
  • Stores up to 24 months at 37°/110F
  • Registered and approved by European, American, Chinese, Indonesian, Indian and Canadian Health Authorities
For further information about professional use of the EldonCard read below or contact Eldon Biologicals.

EldonCards for the Medical Market

EldonCards are used in various fields in the Medical Market amongst others:

Blood Banks

In blood banks EldonCards are used for testing the new donor’s blood type. It is also used for educating the same, new donor, as the EldonCard is the perfect opportunity to show the aggluntination whilst explaining the importance in becoming a lifetime donor. The EldonCards can furthermore be used as campaigns for recruitment of new donors as a present combined with education. Especially the ELDON ID CARD with space to place the donors own picture is used to generate new donors and as a present to keep.

U.S. Blood Centers

In the US when donors arrive at a Blood Center or a mobile unit, they immediately get tested with an EldonCard. If the donor’s blood type is specially required by a Blood Bank it will be sent to Double Red Cell Fractionation – a procedure doubling the amount of red cells on-site.
In cases like these the EldonCard will:
  • Increase the amount of reed cells
  • Improve the economy
  • Create more flexibility and higher security for the blood bank


In hospitals worldwide, EldonCards are used prior to a transfusion or to perform a bedside test. By using EldonCards during a bedside test, you eliminate all human error and ensure optimal use of professional time.

Using the EldonCard in hospitals has various benefits:
  • It’s a secure, easy and fast way to perform the bedside test
  • Erase all human errors before a blood transfusion
  • Store the results in the patient’s journal
  • Result after just 2,5 minute
  • No need for refrigeration – the result can be kept on-site


Due to the fact that EldonCards can be used under all conditions, it is used by American, Danish, Swedish and French forces amongst others. There is no need for refrigeration or electricity, and the test is stable and accurate in all locations. The only thing needed is a small amount of water in drinking quality. There are two kits designed for military use: the One Man Kit designed for the individual soldier to use in the field and secure him or her and the Military Kit designed for field hospitals.
Further benefits from military use of EldonCards:
  • The card can be kept in a pocket
  • It is easy to carry and easy to use
  • No refrigeration
  • Easy to store
  • All needed is a few drops of drinking water
Areas where EldonCards are used today:
  • Naval ships
  • Field hospitals
  • Peace keeping missions
  • Disaster areas
  • Oil rigs and cruise lines
The EldonCard for military use has been tested by the US Navy in all conditions. If you wish to read the article, contact us and we’ll send it to you by e-mail.

Emergency & rescue

All over the world aid organizations are using the EldonCard and the ELSON EMERGENCY KIT. Armies are using the Eldon-products on their peace missions and on rescue missions locally and abroad. The Kit stores up to 24 months with no refrigeration, and it is easy to carry and transport in all areas of the world. The respond we have had from doctors and lab personnel is that it is easy to use in all conditions and all they need is a few drops of drinking water. The ELDON EMERGENCY and RESCUE PACK contain all needed to perform a vital blood grouping on site.

Rhesus testing pregnant women

Women who are Rhesus Negative and have given birth to a rhesus positive child or have had an abortion before are in risk of Erythroblastosis Fetalis meaning that her white blood cells will attack the fetus’ red blood cells as her body react as they were foreign invaders. Eldon has developed a special card to use in birth centres, birth clinics and abortion clinics.
Rhesus testing in Pakistan
Eldon Biologicals is together with Sick Kids Hospital and Aga Khan Hospital in Pakistan testing blood typing and screening og pregnant women in remote rural settings. Using an APP to collect local data. 

Thanks to Sick Kids Hospital Toronto Lisa Pell, PhD, MPH Senior Research Assosiate Program Director, Global Child Health Fellowship and Dr Samreen Rajan Research Associate Paediatrics and Child Health Aga Khan University and Hospital in Pakistan and Shaun Morris, MD, MPH, FRCPC, FAAP, Clinician-Scientist, Division of Infectious Diseases, Hospital for Sick Children, Associate Professor Department of Pediatrics, University of Toronto


She was ‘the woman who loses all the babies.’ Then she learned what might have saved them

In developing countries, there are many like her, whose children have died of Rh disease. Yet the illness, which decades ago was defeated in the West, has a simple cure. Now, a Toronto doctor is helping to lead an international effort to save hundreds of thousands of babies.

By screening with the EldonCard we will be able to determine the bloodtype and prevent the disease with the Rhogam injection after birth. Eldon Biologicals is together with the organisation WIRhE (Columbia University) fighting this problem.

By  journalist 

EldonCards for the Educational Market

School Kits a perfect tool to educate in the human blood system and the different blood types as it is an educational tool that gives a great insight and an understanding of the reason why to become a blood donor. Used in schools and universities worldwide

EldonCards for the Health Market

A practical Eldon Home Kit makes it possible to perform a home test. Before travelling – to get a travelling blood ID for own security know your blood type for protection If you need to know your blood type in relation to your diet and health treatment
Read more about the Eldon Home Blood Type Test Kit here
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