How to Find Your Blood Type Using the Eldon Home Type Test Kit

An easy, reliable and inexpensive way to find out yours and your family’s blood type at home is by using the Eldon Home Blood Type Test Kit containing EldonCards.
EldonCards helps you determine your blood type by pricking your finger with a small lancet and transfer blood drops from your finger to the EldonCard.
Depending on how – or how not – your blood agglutinates (clumps) in the four circles on the EldonCard, you can match your blood type with the pictures in the included guide.

How to Find Your Blood Type: Reading the Result

When you’ve transferred the blood drops to your EldonCard, the agglutination reactions can be read within a few minutes.
Below you’ll find examples of agglutinates for you to compare. Please note that a small number of people have weak RhD antigens on their blood cells, and an agglutinate may not be seen. If your test is invalid, try performing a new test.

Why Knowing You Blood Type is Important

Knowing our blood type is important for several reasons related to your own health and your baby’s health if you are pregnant.
We’ve listed some of the reasons why knowing your blood type is important – follow this link and scroll down to the paragraph “Why You Should Know Your Blood Type”.

Other Ways to Find Out Your Blood Type

An EldonCard is by far the most convenient way to finding out your blood type. However, there are other ways to find your blood type:
  • By donating blood: Finding out your blood type can be done by donating blood and ask the staff if they’ll be able to tell you your blood type
  • By requesting a blood type tests at your doctor’s office
  • Or by visiting a health clinic/hospital that tests blood (it may be a good idea to call ahead and ask if a blood type tests is something that they offer)

Know Your Blood Type: Buy EldonCards

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